Vendors & Artists

 Vendor Options 


This year we are doing things a little differently than last year. We will be offering THREE different packages. Options are as follows. 

1) Is the standard 8 foot wide table with a 10+ foot depth - $250

2) Is Two standard 8 foot wide tables and a 10+ foot depth -$400

3) Is Three standard 8 foot wide tables and a 10+ foot depth -$ 550 

Vendors must have at least 1 table to display merchandise and as an option if you bought package Two or Three you may designate one of your tables as a gaming table. The gaming table will be set up with 8 chairs around the table for DEMOing the games you are selling only, unless otherwise approved by DaveCon staff. 

DaveCon will use the Tabletop Events site to set up designated times for games to start at your tables. Example: YOUR COMPANY NAME decides to introduce their new RPG at 10am Friday , 10am & 3pm on Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon. We would put your information in the events page and guests would register to play those games just like other games at the convention. 

Davecon will also issue two vendor badges for each table for the tournament. These will have your company name on them only so they can be interchanged with your employees. 



DaveCon is a firm supporter of artist and not AI. So in a effort to support your work we will be charging ONE DOLLAR for a table to display and sell your wares. 

You are only allowed to sell items you created and not manufactured by someone else or someplace else. 

Please send a email to: with pictures of your art so we can approve and reserve a table for you. 

This is limited to space available event.