April 13th thru 16th


Minneapolis MN

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Thank You to everyone for the support you gave to DaveCon 2022 !

2023 Planning is already started, we hope all of you come join us again !


Old school game masters to run classic games !

Come join us in Minneapolis in April of next year and celebrate the origins of RPG gaming.

DaveCon 2023

Will be held at

The Sheraton - Bloomington MN

5601 West 78th Street

Bloomington, MN 55439



Overall theme is


It has been over a decade since Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax have left us, it's time to unify and forge a better future for all gamers.

2023 Confirmed Special Guests

Mike Carr

David Wesely

William Hoyt

Ernie Gygax

2023 Unconfirmed Special Guests




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Code of Conduct

Be kind to one another. We are here to game and not argue. You are responsible for your own conduct, if you argue or are cruel with others especially over race, sex, politics or anything that can or will cause others to feel unwelcome you will be asked to leave.

Davecon is a Angry Dwarf Games LLC production.

Angry Dwarf Games LLC and DaveCon are not in any way affiliated with the Estate of Dave Arneson LLC