Davecon isn't just about one Dave, its about all the Daves that made RPG gaming great ! 

Three-days of Gaming, Vendors and Art, plus The Auction

April 25-27, 2025, Bloomington, MN, USA

2025 Special Guests

Dave Megarry

Original Blackmoor player 

Inventor of Dungeon the board game 

The Grandfather of Role Playing Games 

Creator of Braunstein

Original Blackmoor player

TSR Alumni 

Creator of Don't Give Up the Ship 

William Hoyt

Original BlackMoor


Ross Maker

Co-Creator of Source of the Nile and original Blackmoor player 

Baron DeRopp
Dungeon Masterpiece

Heidi Gygax 

Erik Garland

Daughter of Gary Gygax and Co Founder of Gaxland with Erik her long suffering husband .... JUST KIDDING Erik and Heidi !

Justin Alexander

Justin Alexander is the best-selling author of So You Want To Be A Game Master and the RPG

Developer at Atlas Games.


World Builder 




Greg Gillespie

Game Designer Extraordinaire 

David Johnson

DJ is a D&D Streamer, Host of the podcast "Architects of Imagination" and award winning Video Game FX Artist, currently the CEO and Creative Director for Undertone FX. If you've played Call of Duty, Halo, Mortal Kombat or many other games you have probably experienced his work.

"The Dishwasher" Thomas & 

"The Busboy" Yeager 

Co-Creators of Mystic Days

Ken Fletcher

Local Minneapolis artist 

Staff artist at Dave Arneson's Adventure Games company, and sci-fi and fantasy fan 

Kevin McColl

Dave Arneson's Webmaster 


Blackmoor Historian


Rien -Haugen

Game Designer 


author of 

Vampire: The Masquerade