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Mystic Days a skill based fantasy RPG which introduces the Roll Off System.

Mystic Days Website

Wizard tower games is based in Battle Creek, Michigan. It centers on board games and TTRPG player products. What makes Wizard Tower Games unique is we create, design and manufacture our games in house. So we can better control everything from quality to delivery.

The games we will be releasing before Dave Con

D20 Delving - Fantasy Dungeon adventure board game

D20 Krieg - WII Armor combat board game

Deck of Traps - Deck 1

DM Tracking manual

Tree Bee Games

Tree Bee Games is all about bringing fun and creative ideas to your table. Including family board, dice, and card games. Plus, supplements for RPG games like Dungeons and Dragons.

Check out our successful Kickstarter called CRIT Effect and Fright Effect. Plus, more projects in the works with directional effects, background generation and a family card game.

CRIT Effect (Spells and Magic) Now spell casters can get CRITS. Custom d20 (1, 20, and the eight schools of magic) plus a deck of card effects. Whenever a spell caster casts a spell or scroll, they role to find out if that Fireball does extra (damage/range) or just makes everyone's hair on fire (Ouch).

Fright Effects (Fear and Phobias) Everyone has different fears. Custom D8 plus a deck of card effects for phobias and fears. Use the cards specifically for the Wand of Fear or other Fear related spells, plus unique character generation. Deck has over 880 phobias, Jeepers Creepers!

Tower Games of Minneapolis

Tower Games offers a curated selection of the best board games, collectible card games, and miniatures games in South Minneapolis.