Gamers Health &


COVID, is a very serious and divisive subject in our world and will be for a long time. It has moved from a pandemic to an endemic like the common cold.

DaveCon will be following Minnesota state laws pertaining to the disease. We will not be requiring anyone to show proof of vaccinations, but encourage everyone who can get them to do so.

If your feeling sick please stay home or in your hotel room during the convention. DaveCon has many attendees and special guests who are immune system compromised due to age and/or medical conditions. Masks are encourage for those who want to wear one.

With that said I ask everyone to look after their health before, during and after the convention. We have all heard of "CONVENTION CRUD" and nobody wants to go home and spread it to their loved ones. So please take care of yourselves by bathing and eating properly leading up to and during the convention.

Please respect everyone choices in this matter.