Dress Code 



Dress Code

Davecon is a NON-Political event, anyone wearing anything political, costume*, LARPing gear or any other disruptive clothing will be asked to exit the convention floor until the gear or clothing is replaced with appropriate clothing; NO exposed private parts, butt cracks or pants worn below the butt:           

-- No body paint PERIOD;

--  Ill-fitting jeans/pants must cover hips/crotch/butt/legs -- nothing translucent, flesh colored, or opaque;   (tights do not pass for pants/ Larper);

-- All shirts/tops must cover midriff -- NO translucent material; crop tops, sport or Yoga bras that expose flesh and upper body; 

--  No micro dresses, mini skirts or dance wear 

 We are here to play games and have fun with fellow gamers, we are not here to stir any animosities be it Political, Racial or Sexual.   

*Certain game masters will/have asked permission to use props in their games. These permissions are given on a case by case basis.