DaveCon 2022 Memories

Ernie Gygax and William Hoyt playing with each other for the first time ever in the
First Campaign.

Ernie Gygax took over Castle Blackmoor with his "Peasant Army"

Ernie the Barbarian !

David Wesely and Ernie Gygax

First time gaming in over 50 Years of knowing one another.

Richthofen's War
got cinematic !

Even the Younger generation loved it

A couple railroad engineers joined the fun!

Bill Hoyt, Tim Kask and Jeannie talking about gaming.

I swiped this Goat from it's keeper.

Richthofen's war

David Wesely playing AD&D with Robert Ritchie editor of Flipping and Turning Magazine !

Check this game out by a couple great guys from Michigan

Tim Kask running his famous game. The Wheel of Blame !

Mike Carr even made a appearance at DaveCon

Robert Ritchie and Mike Carr

William Hoyt enjoying a Flipping and Turning

First Campaign Map

David Wesely and William Hoyt

One of the Mystic Days crew

Robert Ritchie & David Wesely

Ernie Gygax and the Queen of Dragonlands Donna

Ernie preparing top take over the Blackmoor Castle ...... Did you know there are 2 castles ?

Even the kids can get a little creative !

Braunstien version 4 - Banania being discussed

First Campaign

That damn Goat knows no boundaries

Professor Wesely giving the prerequisite history lesson on Braunstien

Mr. Mike Carr steps in to save a player from death in Ernie's game !

Tim Kask on DaveCon 2022

Deep Discussion Between Victor Dorso and Ernie Gygax\

Pre-Convention Dinner